Oi! I am Karla, a Brazilian girl who decided to leave my warm and tropical country to pursue my dream to live abroad and continue my creative journey. I am the owner and designer of Vicente Atelier, a creative studio focused in creating fun and timeless jewelry and home goods. Our home studio is currently located in Atlanta, GA and we share with two cute cats.

The idea of the studio came from an enormous desire I had to do something with soul and meaning in my life. Everything began in a very intuitive way, exploring and learning some textile techniques such as macramé, handmade weaving and later, metalsmith. After years working in direct contact with art and creative small business owners, I began to sketch what would become Vicente Atelier. While growing little by little in my home country, the call for an adventure was strong and I decided to relocate to the USA in 2017. Today I live permanently here with my husband and our cats.

Cozy fact: The brand's name is in honor of my grandfather who was also a self-taught artisan and lived in the countryside of Brazil.